Waste Disposers & The Environment?

One way to reduce household food waste going to landfill is to fit a food waste disposer.....

By installing a waste disposer in your kitchen, you are helping to reduce the growing problem of landfill dumps.

When food waste is dumped in landfills, bacteria and other harmful organisms can seep into the ground and contaminate the water table.

With kitchenfood waste accounting for 25% of household waste, using a food waste disposer not only means fewer trips to the dustbin but also results in substantial reduction of waste going to landfill.

With a food waste disposer, food waste is ground into fine particles and safely flushed into your sewage system. Decades of scientific studies have shown this to be a sound ecological alternative. At wastewater treatment facilities, the food waste can be converted into useful energy, or recycled into agricultural fertilizer.

If used on average three-times/per day the yearly electric cost would be lower than 50 Pence. The daily water consumption will be lower than one flush of toilet.

Other benefits are a reduction in potential insect and rodent infestation and obnoxious odours.