Universal Air Switch Actuator (for Waste Disposers)

Universal Air Switch Actuator (for Waste Disposers)

  Suitable for all Food Waste Disposers

  Chrome coloured button fitted to worktop


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Air Switch for ALL brands of 'Continuous Feed' waste disposal units.
(Power cord will need to be fitted with a 3-pin plug)

(N.B. WasteMaid Elite 1780-AS, 1880-AS, 1980-AS & 2080-AS have a Built-in Air Switch included). 
Will not work with Batch Feed models.

Operates by sending a pulse of air through a tube to the disposer to switch it on and off.

Simply plug the transformer into a suitably positioned wall socket (usually in the sink unit cabinet), then plug the waste disposer into the transformer.

The button can be located on the worktop & is supplied with chrome finish.

Chrome coloured button.

35 to 40mm Diameter Cut-out size
60mm Diameter of button
50mm thread on Actuator button



The actuator:

(1) Actuator button
(2) Actuator nut
(3) Actuator outlet (threaded portion)

The air switch sensor enclosure:

(4) Disposer socket controlled by the air switch
(5) Sensor inlet
(6) Power cord and plug

Air tube assembly:
(7) Air tube-clear

Installation and Operation Instruction :

A. Drill a hole with diameter between 35mm and 40mm in the edge of sink where the actuator is to be placed. (If your sink doesn’t have hole.)

B. Insert the actuator outlet from the top to the drilled hole.

C. Put the actuator nut (2) onto the actuator outlet (3) and tighten it firmly by hand.

D. Connect air tube-clear firmly (7): one side to actuator outlet (3) and one side to sensor inlet (5).

E. Plug the power cord (6) into the main electric service.

F. Plug the power cord of the disposer into disposer socket which is controlled by the air switch (4).

G. To turn on the disposer, press the actuator button (1). To turn off the disposer, press the actuator button again.