Mr Scrappy Cutlery 'Silver Guard' for Waste Disposers

Mr Scrappy Cutlery 'Silver Guard' for Waste Disposers
 Mr Scrappy Cutlery 'Silver Guard' for Waste DisposersMr Scrappy Cutlery 'Silver Guard' for Waste Disposers 

Silver Guard - Catches metal objects before they enter the disposer!

  Protects disposer from jams and potential repairs

  Easy install - with no tools required.

  Can be fitted to disposers already installed.

  Coated. Waterproof.

  Fits all models with ALL METAL Sink Flanges (not plastic coated flanges).


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The magnetic 'Silver Guard' disposer protector captures most metal objects before they can enter into the grinding chamber - helping to avoid repairs.

  • After the disposer is fully mounted to the sink; with the flat portion of the black strap facing the metal flange, guide the Silver Guard through the mount screws.
  • Place the Silver Guard between the Support Flange and Upper Mount Ring.  Please note that the Silver Guard must be placed under the flange of the Support Ring. 
  • Once the Silver Guard is fitted, firmly press on the snaps to secure the strap.
  • Works effectively with waste disposers installed with ALL Metal flanges (In Sink Erator, Maxmatic, Tweeny, Franke 'Elite' range)

Warning: This is not a toy.  Keep uninstalled Silver Guard away from children.